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Plantar Fasciitis - 6 Piece Recovery pack (Heel Cushions, Arch Pads, Heel Cups)

Plantar Fasciitis - 6 Piece Recovery pack (Heel Cushions, Arch Pads, Heel Cups)

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Plantar Fasciitis Medical-grade Heel Cushion Sleeves, Foot Insole Cups and Orthotic Massage Pad Arch Wraps for Shock Absorption, Pain Relief, Fallen Arches and High Arch Support

✔ 3 PAIRS / 6 ITEMS PER BUNDLE: One size fits all! Comfortable, can be worn under socks or stockings with shoes, boots or heels in daily life. Made of medical grade silicone, breathable, strong and lightweight pairs of arch pad sleeves, silicone heel cups and heel cushions (Updated to Green core in 2018)

✔ QUICK PAIN RELIEF from Chronic Severe Heel Pain & Discomfort from Sore Hurting Heels, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Spur Treatment, Bone Spur, Stress Fractures, Sprained Foot, Tendon, Even Sharp Extreme Heel Soreness & Swollen Feet. Wearing our anti-fatigue orthotics reduces discomfort and swelling whilst boosting circulation and soothing tired, achy legs and feet

✔ GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Don't let painful feet stop you from enjoying your usual activities and do the things you love. Get outside, walk the dog, run, play golf or get through a shift without painful feet

✔ GREAT FOR EVERY DAY USE in UK SHOE SIZE (WOMEN 4 - 7.5 / MEN 4.5 - 9). Ideal for men and women. They're easy to put on, comfortable and discreet and are thin enough to fit inside any shoe. You can even use them beneath your socks



Pain in your heel and bottom of your foot can be a sign of Plantar Fasciitis

Our carefully designed Heel and Arch Soothing Recovery Package will get you back on your feet in not time

We are a small UK family business based in Brighton; our arch pads, heel cups and heel cushions offer comfort and pain relief in aching arches and heels.

* Relieve the Pain of Plantar Fasciitis
* Get on with work or leisure
* Offer Arch Support to Prevent Collapse
* Fast relief from the pain of heel suprs and aching feet
* Use the arch supports day and night
* Wear the heel cups under your socks for continuous soothing
* Comfort Achilles Tendon Injuries
* Lowers the Risk of Injury and Recurrence

Works great with plantar fasciitis shoes, detox foot patches, soothing socks, walking socks, anti blister socks and copper insoles

Construction & care
Made of premium quality woven polyester and silicone.

The arch supports are machine washable.

Wear the sleeves underneath your socks for maximum comfort day and night.

Relax at home wearing the soft arch pads.

Package contents
* Pair of medium sized arch pad sleeves
* Pair of medium sized silicone heel cups
* Pair of silicone heel cushions

UK Shoe Size Chart
* Medium: Women 4 - 7.5 | Men 4. 5 - 9 

Buy the heel recovery package from SmartRecovery and be confident in our no questions asked, money back guarantee


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